Pool With a View

The Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The pool at the Lembeh Resort overlooks the resort's harbor and the Lembeh Strait beyond
Pool With a View

The pool at the Lembeh Resort offers a wonderful, cool place to relax after a day out in the sun and scuba diving. Nancy tells me it is also a wonderful place to relax instead of diving. Several days at Lembeh, I returned from diving to find Nancy relaxing by the pool. Sometimes she was reading. Most afternoons, we both would sit at least briefly to enjoy this wonderful view. (We also loved the view first thing in the morning, before the first dive.)

The Lembeh resort is built along the slopes rising on both sides of a narrow little valley and natural harbor area. The lodgings are on the rising slopes on either side of the valley. At the center, the harbor is bordered with a seawall and patio, with pool and the rest of the resort’s common buildings spreading back from the waterfront.

The waterfront and pool are bordered by landscaped gardens and the dive center. The second-level restaurant at the center of the resort offers a view that takes in both the pool view above and this view of the grounds the right. From the nearest (right), the buildings are the dive center (“Critters@Lembeh“), the equipment room, and the dive shack. And of course the Lembeh Strait view beyond needs no introduction.

I think we’ll be back.

The dive operation ('Critters@Lembeh') at the Lembeh Resort
The Lembeh Resort

(Top image [“Pool With a View”]: Nikon D700; Nikkor 28-300mm zoom at 28mm; ISO 200; f/5.6; 1/320 sec.)

(Lower [“The Lembeh Resort”]: Same camera and lens at 28mm; ISO 200; f/4; 1/60 sec.)

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