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Curious Thresher

Monad Shoal, near Malapascua Island, the Philippines “Curious Thresher“ We jumped off the dive boat from Evolution Dive at Malapascua Island at about 6:15 in the morning. We had enjoyed a glorious sunrise during the half-hour ride to the site, interspersed with cool showers as the breeze picked up the spray from our boat smacking […]

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Nor’easter Redux

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

A post responding to a post by Nancy Bauer on her blog,, explaining that though the beach sights may be dramatic, the November 2009 “nor’easter” did relatively little damage to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Featured photos include remains of a beach sand fence, treasure-seekers with metal detectors in the surf, and crowds of people walking the beach on a sunny day just days later.

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