Old Barn HDR

Hume Vineyards, Hume, Virginia

HDR of a great old barn on the grounds of Hume Vineyards in Hume, Virginia
Old Barn HDR

I’ve mentioned before that Nancy and I building a travel guide to Virginia Wineries, “Virginia Wine In My Pocket,” and we are now in the deepest depths of the endurance test that is the “150 Wineries in 150 Days Tour” of Virginia Wineries. So for the time being at least, it’s all wineries, all the time. We go to wineries every weekend. We go to wineries some evenings. We go to wineries in our sleep. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating. But still.

As a photographer, I am finding much to love about touring Virginia wineries. Every winery is unique; each has its own scenery and character. Nancy loves to chat — especially if she can get in contact with the owner or wine maker — so I have have plenty of time to seek out photogenic subjects and character-filled scenes.

Show me an old barn and I’m sure to find a photo. Hume Vineyards (in the small town of Hume, Virginia) once had three old barns. A storm took one, and now the owners have creatively used much of the wood and the old roof for character-filled details in their new tasting room (built on the site of the destroyed barn). But that still leaves two. Both are painted red. Both are old. Both show the glorious wood grain and hard use that I suppose goes along with all old barns. I wanted pictures of both.

I found this barn quirky and full of character. Not having grown up in the country, I have no idea what might have been the purpose of this unusual structure. Standing there in that field, I was struck by the way the builders arranged the building with a pass-through and on the level, even though the place where they put it clearly is not level. I wondered about that old building’s many stories as that day’s bright sunlight illuminated the grass and trees around and brought out the textures and colors of the old wood in the open passage, doors, and walls.

(Nikon D700; Nikkor 24-85mm zoom lens at 24mm. HDR image from nine exposures at f/11 and range of shutter speeds and ISO settings covering a range from -4 to +4 EV around ISO 200 at 1/250 sec.)

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