Nancy and I took a break this weekend, to get snowed in at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Knowing a major storm was coming, we took out for “our” local east coast beach town, there to see what all the fuss was about. We asked neighbors to watch our house while we were looking after our property at the beach. We watched the snow through Friday and Saturday. We left the house several times, venturing out just for relief. Our excuse was, predictably, food or drink (or both), but in our wanderings we did get to experience the storm “up close and personal” (and cold and wet). On Saturday I took my pocket camera with us and captured some quick snaps. I didn’t want to risk the “big” rig to the blowing snow, ice, and freezing rain. For a few hours on Saturday it really was a blizzard; we could not see across the street through the horizontal snow. By Sunday, the storm was past and we had a marvelous, sunny day to wander and experience the foot-deep snow. We learned on Sunday that the newscasters in the Washington, D.C., area had dubbed the blizzard “snowmageddon.” OK, whatever. With all that wandering and looking about (and a few pictures), the work on the web sites and the Photo Tourist took a hit. But there will be pictures up soon, then the migration will continue.

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