Rehoboth In My Pocket

iPhone illustration of the upcoming Rehoboth In My Pocket appNancy and I launched a new web site a couple of days ago, beginning the project to build a new “The Photo Tourist” product. Rehoboth In My Pocket will be a guide book to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are local to the Washington DC area or more generally, the mid-Atlantic coast, you might be interested in this one: For the relatively tiny cost of an iPhone / iTouch app (assuming you already have the device, of course), the Rehoboth In My Pocket app will provide Nancy’s frequently requested eating guide, as well as listings for places to go, things to do, and even a few inns in the neighborhood. As one might expect, the app will be GPS-enabled, so your iPhone will be able to give directions or tell you where you are in relation to the attractions listed.

Since we have a house in Rehoboth and have been hanging around there for a bunch of years now, we have been to almost all the places wer’e reviewing and even know a lot of the proprietors. That familiarity should let us give some really good first-hand insights. Nancy is the main author so far, but this will be a joint project; I will contribute photos and some of the text. We are in dicussions with several of the community organizations and some of the businesses in Rehoboth to explore whether we will be able to offer inside tips or special offers via the web site. We expect to release the app for iPhone in May, 2010, but the web site will probably continue as a community-focused news and exchange site. We’re not completely sure what additional benefits or services will end up being available, but if you are local and/or plan any trips to Rehoboth, it will probably be worthwhile to watch that web site. Stay tuned!

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