Rehoboth Blizzard Photos Now Available

I have finally managed to post the photos from the February 2010 blizzard on the Rick Collier Imagery site. When we heard about the coming blizzard, Nancy and I decided to take off for the beach (of course!). We had been snowed in at our home before, but never at the beach. We planned to have a big fire and watch the storm…and probably go out occasionally to see if anything is open / anyone is about. Of course, I took my cameras. For this occasion, I took both the little Canon that I usually use for underwater photography as well as my “big” Nikon DSLR. The weekend went pretty much exactly like we expected. In the event, we did go out during the storm. I took along the “little” camera stuffed into a pocket where it could be protected from the weather when not actually in use. And yes, we did find a couple bars and restaurants open each time we went out: We ended up enjoying community spirit with other cabin-fever-addled die-hards for breakfast, drinks, and dinner each day. I was fortunate enough to get a few really memorable shots, which I think are probably unusual since the storm itself was historic (so it will be tough to replicate the conditions another time). I brought out my main camera the morning after for some great shots of Rehoboth Beach under an unaccustomed blanket of snow.

It took me a little extra time to get the images up, since I was right in the middle of revising and relaunching all my web sites when the storm hit. But since they’re current, these images were my first priority to put up once the websites were up. If you have time and inclination, check it out! I’ll be doing some posts with my favorite images on The Photo Tourist in the next couple of days.

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