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Zebra Fans

(Two underwater images of Zebra Lionfish.) Probably my favorite lionfish in the Lembeh Strait was the small zebra lionfish. Shades of red, salmon-pink, and orange are striped with white and the fish’s fins are webbed, with spines that do not protrude very far. The overall effect is a beautiful, brightly colored orange and red fan near the dull, black sand bottom. It is often seen holding station or slowly crawling along the bottom using the hooked spines on the bottom of its fins.

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Blue Rings

Close-up photos of a tiny blue-ringed octopus in the Lembeh Strait, together with the story of how our guide found it: My guide extended his (bare) finger and gently tapped on a small protuberance on the rock below us. The thing was no bigger than my thumb.

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