On the Beach

Siladen Island, Bunaken National Park, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

A beach cabana offers comfortable lounging with a cool breeze and sea view
On the Beach

The picture speaks for itself. The scene to me is the essence of a dream summer day.

Nancy and I stayed six nights at the Siladen Resort and Spa (on Siladen Island, in the Bunaken National Park, off North Sulawesi, Indonesia). We both went diving in the mornings; I was normally the only diver for afternoon or evening dives. Either going to or returning from an afternoon dive I often found Nancy in this position: Reclining in the shade, in the breeze, admiring the uninterrupted, calm sea view (though frequently with eyes closed). What a great place for a nap.

One day after diving I spied Nancy in this customary position and decided to go first to “our” cabana and bring back my camera. Nancy did not move throughout the multiple exposures needed to make this HDR image. (From this vantage point I couldn’t tell if her eyes were open.)

For those of us daydreaming in the cold northern hemisphere, here’s today’s weather on Siladen Island: Today it is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 C), with about 94 percent humidity. With wind chill, on Siladen it feels like … 86 degrees. It is mostly sunny and there is a gentle, cooling breeze. There are some “sunny day” clouds. (There is almost always at least some breeze and on sunny days evaporation ensures at least a few white, “cotton ball” clouds.) The water is about the same temperature as the air and is light- to mid-green (over reefs), shading to blue (deep water).

(Nikon D700, Nikkor 28-300mm zoom at 50mm, with circular polarizing filter; HDR capture from nine exposures, auto-bracketed from -4 to +4 EV; ISO 200, f/6.3, shutter at 1/125 sec.)

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