Bali Volcano View

Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia

Bali landscape view framed by Mount Bratur and Lake Bratur in the distance
Batur Volcano View

While on Bali last trip, Nancy and I stayed at the northern resort town of Lovina Beach. We thought it would be quiet and more off the beaten track that staying back at the southern resort destinations or in the famed “artistic” haven of Ubud. We were right about that.

Still, we did want to go to Ubud. How could one go to Bali and not visit Ubud? Twice we drove over the mountain roads south to Ubud. One time, taking the “main road” south from Singraja, it took about two hours. The next time, we hired a driver and asked him to go by the scenic route.

We wound up the ridge line that defines the edge of a 30,000-year-old volcanic crater, through woods and villages. We stopped at several places to look out over the surrounding landscape — especially the bottom of that old crater, stretching away to the east-northeast. The bottom of that ancient volcanic caldera is now verdant, full of life and dotted with houses and villages.

In the distance we could see the new volcano, still active and rising from the floor of the ancient crater. This is Mount Batur. The waters of nearby Lake Batur gleam at the foot of the mountain. In the distance, beyond the lake is Bali’s tallest mountain, Mount Agung.

(Batur Volcano View: HDR image from nine exposures bracketed to cover a range -4EV to +4EV; Nikon D700 with Nikkor 28-300mm zoom lens at 45mm; ISO 200; f/11 at average 1/200 sec. exposure.)

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