Rehoboth Under Snow

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

A store sign reading 'Rehoboth' is mostly buried under a layer of drifted snow.
Rehoboth Under Snow

(Yes, the picture is a pun. Sorry… Not.)

It was very relaxing and enjoyable being “snowed in” for the very dramatic “Blizzard of 2010.” Opting for something new to us, Nancy and I spent the long weekend at our house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We had good friends and neighbors around our “main” home in Virginia, who we could trust to look after things and maybe even shovel out our heat pumps if it got that bad. (And it did — Thanks for the shoveling, Doug!) We had never been in Rehoboth for a snowstorm before, so why not? We got an early start on Friday and made it to Rehoboth before the snow. I brought two cameras: the Nikon D700 DSLR for best quality and artistry and the “little” Canon G9 that I could stuff in a pocket for protection if we went out amongst the weather. We got there in plenty of time; unloaded a month’s worth of food, drink, and supplies; and got a nice, roaring fire going in the fireplace. Our house was warm and we had a spectacular view outside so we could watch the snow while enjoying not being out in it.

Except that we did not stay inside. People who know us will not be at all surprised to learn that despite having plenty of food, drink (both alcoholic and non-), toilet paper, milk, and firewood, we were just compelled to go out. As soon as the first snowflake appears (and LONG before we’re actually “snowed in”), our home is positively flooded with what can only be described as sudden-onset hysterical cabin fever. We simply MUST go outside. The very idea of snow piling up and making it hard to maneuver fills us with an irrepressible malaise that can only be exorcised by leaving the house. So we leave. Repeatedly. We trudge, cold and wet, through the town looking for somewhere other than home where we can have a drink and a bite. Apparently, we were not alone; some bars and restaurants were open and a few people were out and about. We ate breakfast and dinner out every day of the storm. This is far more eating out than we would do if NOT “snowed in,” but what can I say? It’s a compulsion. I guess there’s a reason we don’t live in Alaska or Minnesota ….

There really was a “blizzard” in Rehoboth. For several hours on Saturday the blowing snow really did cut off visibility and coat every object. Road crews struggled but just couldn’t keep up during the worst of the storm. Finally, the storm cleared out in a very orderly manner exactly as the weather-guessers on TV had predicted. We had a wonderful walk though a winter wonderland just as the storm stopped Saturday night. Sunday dawned bright and clear, with an irrepressible, bright, clean, 18-inch (or so) blanket of snow over “our” beach town. It was lovely. While the city crews completely cleared the roads, Nancy and I walked. I took pictures; Lots of pictures. I posted way more photos that usual at, just in case anyone might want shots of that historic storm.

A Rehoboth Beach city worker struggles to keep the road open in the teeth of the blizzard of 2010.
Against the Storm

(Top image [“Rehoboth Under Snow”]: Nikon D700, Nikkor zoom at 85mm, ISO 200, f/14 at 1/200 sec. using circular polarizing filter.)

(Bottom image [“Against the Storm”]: Canon G9, integrated lens at 12.7mm, ISO 200, f/4 at 1/200 sec.)

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