I’ve finally published the collection of photos from Jordan over in the new galleries on The Jordan photos were uploaded a few weeks ago, but this weekend I finally got it sorted and filed. As I went through these images, I was reminded how much I loved Jordan. The people are warm, cosmopolitan, open, engaging, and friendly. The visitor finds warm greetings, wonderful conversations, and hospitality at every turn. The land is full of history and fairly alive with religion and the shared history of the peoples of “the book” (by which I mean Christians, Jews, and Muslims). Traveling from place to place, especially to the south of Amman, one also gets a real movie-set / western romantic “Lawrence of Arabia” feel as you traverse the desert highway, passing old forts and visiting the remains of ancient civilizations. Everywhere one turns, there is something else to see, do, and experience: The Mount Nebo upon which Moses stood; the Dead Sea; Petra, the capital of ancient Nabatea; Roman Philadelphia (Amman); and thousands of other sights. And how can one fail to stop and take a photo of a completely empty highway in an empty desert, with just one warning sign: Beware of camels.

Hope you enjoy!

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